The Charity

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, to which the proceeds from this auction will go, provides services to children with medical needs not only from the Palestinian territories, but from many other Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Syria as well. I am not employed by them and do not benefit financially from them in any way. I am providing a brief summary of their work below so you know what they do and why I chose to support them via this auction.

The PCRF brings children abroad for surgery, including to hospitals in the United States (I first heard of them when they sent a child to my old hometown for treatment), and also send teams of surgeons to the West Bank and Gaza to treat children and train local doctors. Furthermore, they provide ongoing mental health services to children in Gaza, and are currently working to improve the quality of cancer care in the Palestinian territories by opening pediatric cancer departments in the area. More information is available at their website, linked above.

They have a four-star rating (the maximum) on Charity Navigator, which rates their financial transparency. Contributions are tax-deductible. The PCRF is not affiliated with any political or religious group.

The way the auction is set up, the winners will send their money directly to the PCRF via this page. It will not pass through my hands at any point.